Board of Directors

The Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Adviser Board (MACCA) administers the Certified Crop Adviser Program for Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. MACCA is comprised of one member from each category on the Council. The Board of Directors meet annually in March.

Chair:  Bill Rohrer
Vice Chair:  Vacant
Immediate Past Chair:  David Kindig
Secretary/Treasurer:  Cory Whaley
AdministratorLindsay Thompson

Council Members

The Council advises the Board of Directors and has representation from the five participating states and the Departments of the Environment, University / Extension, State Departments of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Agribusiness Associations, and Environmental Groups.  The Council members meet annually in October.

Board Member State Council Member
State Environmental Agency
David Kindig MD Gary Kelman  bio
  VA David Kindig  bio
  WV Teresa Koon
State Department of Agriculture
  DE Chris Brosch
  MD Dwight Dotterer
  VA Liza Fleeson
  WV Bob Tabb
Tom Basden DE Richard Taylor  bio
MD Bob Kratochvil
  NJ Zane Helsel  bio
  VA Wade Thomason  bio
  WV Tom Basden
Agribusiness Association
Mike Pochop DE Mike Pochop
  MD Mark Fuchs   bio
  NJ Denis Shaffer  bio
  VA Dave Jessee  bio
  WV Ken Sechler  bio
Isaac Wolford DE Sally Kepfer  bio
  MD Patty Engler
  VA Chris Lawrence  bio
  WV Isaac Wolford
Nathan Hudson DE Nathan Hudson 
  MD Scott Quinn
  VA Alan Marshall  bio
  WV Joe Hatton  bio
Environmental Group
Bill Rohrer DE Bill Rohrer  bio
  MD Mike Heller
Committee Chairs
Continuing Education   Richard Taylor  bio
Exam    Joanne Whalen  bio
Finance   Cory Whaley  bio
Standards & Ethics    Mike Pochop